Thursday, September 4, 2008

turkey apple pot pie

Turkey and Apple pot pie

1 onion
2 golden delicious apples
2 medium size yams
1 tablespoon canola oil
1 lb ground turkey
1 ½ teaspoons caraway seeds optional
2 teaspoons chicken base or bullion
2/3 cups dry sherry
1 cup apple juice
1/3 cup water
Or any combination of liquid ingredients up to two cups
3 tablespoon corn starch
Salt and pepper to taste
1 puff pastry sheet, thawed

Peel, core and thinly slice apples. Peel and thinly slice yams. Peel and chop onion.
Heat oil in large skillet. Add crumbled ground turkey. Cook ground turkey until brown and not pink. Add onion, apple, yams, and caraway seed. Cover and cook over medium heat for 10 minute stirring occasionally. Uncover pan. Turn heat up to high. This is to cook off some of the moisture to brown the onion. In a measuring cup combine the liquid ingredients, sherry, apple juice and water. Stir in the corn starch until smooth. Add liquid mixture to pan. Stir quickly to make smooth sauce. Take off heat and let cool a little. Prepare baking dishes. Either two 8 x 8 inch or one 13 x 9 inch. Spray baking dishes with cooking oil. Pour filling into baking dishes. Cut puff pastry into strips weave a lattice over the top of filling. Bake at 400 F until pastry browns and puffs about 35 minutes. Remove from oven. Let set for about 5 minutes. Serves 8. I bake it in two casseroles and freeze one.

This is a nice casserole for fall. Like all casseroles it works well for potlucks, picnics and tail gate parties.