Monday, March 16, 2009

Taste of home cooking school

I had great fun helping Kristi the culinary specialist and Michelle part of the management team with the cooking school. I was so excited about the cooking school that I couldn’t sleep the night before.

I helped with the cooking school held in Hillsboro Oregon. In the morning I helped prep the recipes for the evening show. The directions were will written. I was impressed with the logistics of putting the show on. The other volunteers were great.

I prepared a dish called Shanghai Chicken and Zucchini with spicy mandarin ginger glaze. The dish was cooking in a Zip loc zip and steam bag. The bag was easy to use. The dish turned out tasty. Bruce enjoyed eating it.

It was fun demonstrating the dish on stage in front of a large attentive audience.

Go to Taste of Home website to find recipes and more about cooking school.

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Shopgirl888 said...

Hi, Just wanted you to know that I've been making a Lentil Soup recipe you shared with the Oregonian about 15 (?) years ago. It is what we traditionally eat on Halloween prior to trick or treating. Just wanted to know we've been enjoying your creation for many years.

Thanks, Lynn